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"T'was but for a college project"

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This was created while I was in college back in 2020 as a way of making my projects, past/present/and/future, easily accessible to the lecturers and any other person that takes the time and has the slight interest in seeing whatever I have put together. I hope you enjoy what's here.

Stay safe and drink water.

Este website foi criado enquanto estava na faculdade em 2020 com o intuito de facilitar a visualização de projetos,  passados/presentes/e/futuros,feitos por mim, para professores e qualquer pessoa que sinta o menor interesse em ver o conteúdo do site. Eu espero que você goste do que está por aqui.

Esteja sempre bem e beba água.

Start: Bem-vindo


Photographer/Videographer , Editor, Translator, Performer. A Film & Creative Media graduate at DBS (20-23) that has worked with Script Supervision, Editing, Producing and Directing.

Marcello Fidelis is a comedian who created the Dublin version of Comedian's Without Border (still ongoin) in november 2018 until November 2019 and performed in many places as The Laugher Lounge, The Comedy Cellar, Cherry Comedy, Hardy Har in Bray and many other places (Northern Ireland, Portugal, Brasil).


A storyteller who has performed locally and abroad, performed twice in the Dublin Free Fringe Festival of 2019 and closed the “True Stories Told Live - Lisbon”, by Lisbon Digital Nomads in the same year.


He has acted in many projects on stage and on screen, including ads for AIB and Bewleys, on stage with the sold out musical "What is Fusion Murga?", 2023, by Ró Cruañas and Romina Beiroa Rey and most recently have performed a 20 minutes play about the hardships of immigration develop writen by Marcello Fidelis and Romina Beiroa Rey, with guidance from Amir Abualrod (Freedom Theatre Palestine) and Sorcha Fox for "The One of Many" at The Five Lamp Festival, 2024.


A well-edited video is a key component. High-quality photography can elevate your product and events to make it stand out, while videos are an excellent way to your brand and offerings. Subtitles are important to ensure that your message is accessible to all.  These elements are essential for any professional looking to make a lasting impression. Get in touch below with your enquires!

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