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VFX Portfolio

VFX Portfolio



A monk slowly arrives at the edge of a cave. Mixing adventure, horror and the feeling given by movies from the 50's, this idea mixes the use of green screen and fantastical composition to create an alternate reality where islands fly and a man thinks a staff is a good weapon of defense against such thing.


PDF booklet can be accessed on the right ->


Matte Painting


This matte paiting shows the process of the creation of the video, going from the green screen; to the adding of effects like:

Keylight; Key cleaner, Adv. Spill Suppressor; and Lumetri Color.

The construction of the assets and the final product.

Billboard Replacement


This billboard replacement ended up not being a replacement of a billboard, but

of a cardboard used as a sign from a lost astronaut from outer space. All he wants is

to go back home. If he'll be able to, that's another story.

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